Love & Pain

by The Poetry Assassins

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Long out of print from a very limited edition pressing, we have made Love And Pain available to all, for the first time, as an all-digital download. This album will not be made available as a physical CD.


released November 14, 2012

Toby Bailey, Liza Bailey, Kubby Kasual, Bob DiNardo, Larry Davidson, Tammy Nelson, Copper Najar, Thomas Thompson, The Poetry Assassins and Nature Boy Saints



all rights reserved


The Poetry Assassins Dayton, Washington

The Poetry Assassins is out of Dayton Washington. Pros from many other bands, we deliver great indie rock with lyrics that you actually want to listen to. Toby Bailey, Larry Davidson, Tammy Nelson, Thomas Thompson & Ben "Copper" Najar.

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Track Name: Someone
Ever so elusive love, you're in search of
So close but yet so far, and you can't find it
Still believe all the while, it's right round the corner
Every tomorrows filled with sorrow oh, but you can't find it

There's someone for everyone, just not you

Close your eyes and walk through life, convinced you're alive
Pretend you're anything but lonely, believe your lies
Even the unlukiest one's have their sunny moments
Littel flowers grow in sand and stone, but yours aren't blooming

There's someone for everyone, just not you

Well you look for love, it shies away
Further and further, every day
Disillusioned, giving up
Feeling hopeless without love

There's someone for everyone, just not you
Track Name: Like Mercury
I don't want to return once I'm already there
There's cause for concern when you're feeling impaired
If I choke on my pride will you slap my back
But if you knew that I lied don't mistake this for that

Still confused just like me
You rise and fall like mercury

If I seem out of tune would you tighten my strings
You'll see the reckoning soon maybe here in the Spring
If I needed a friend you could stand me up
But you do it again you'll see I don't give a f*ck .... about it

It's a day away but you won't wait
It's within your grasp but if you have to ask .... for it
Track Name: Cornerstone
Don't take it hard
Tomorrow may get better
Well maybe not
She'd take you if you let her know
But if you let her go

Don't let the rain
wash away your well earned tears
I've felt more pain
Then the world has known in a million years
My cornerstone has crumbled to the ground again
My cornerstone has left me down again

The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Well you and me fell apart like a paper rose
Where did it go
Track Name: Four Letters
Darkness falls and I’m angry again
My self-control has come to an end
Again, walking empty streets
Another victim of my fatal disease
Say it’s the last one but I can’t believe
I’m through …. Tell me what to do

Trust me, I love you
Four letters spell your doom
Trust me I’ll come round
Four letters takes you down

Why was I chose, why was I picked to lose
Take off your clothes I’ve got something for you
Oh please, share my misery
Unlovely dark I’ve sealed with a kiss
Share with me the viral bitterness
Welcome to the end
Track Name: Supernatural
Can’t find my way, oh oh oh
I need some questions answered soon
Am I just talking to myself
I need some questions answered soon, like where are you

Make me supernatural
I need to find the saving grace
I’m disillusioned and I broke my leg on a leap of faith
Am I abandoned here
What can I do but whisper this
I beg you Mary for forgiveness
And another kiss

No more pain, oh oh oh
I need relief I need it soon
With all the lies I can’t discern
I only want to know the truth, like where are you now
Track Name: Souls In Pawn
I knew you were leaving, the sun set behind you, Said another day goodbye
Why why didn’t you believe me, I was telling you the truth my love
Tell another day goodbye

Say hello to Jesus and my friends, Some day my heart will have to mend
After this my faith has come and gone, Seems like I’ve put my soul in pawn

You made the world a better place, the Lord works in very strange ways, guess he needed you more
True he could’ve taken someone else, but you were already an angel
Guess he needed you more

Say hello to Jesus and my friends, Some day my heart will have to mend
After this my faith has come and gone, Seems like I’ve put my soul in pawn

I won’t forget you when you’re gone, I’m sorry that I waited for so long
I loved you then and I love you now, I look for you up in the clouds
I know that everything will all work out, ‘cause you told me so….
Track Name: Laugh Academy
My inner peace is too far out of reach again
I can't be the golden boy I used to be
It's at my feet, I'll take the tiger by the tail
I may succeed if I could leave my padded cell

What to do, I'm a bit confused, It's not easy being me
Because every day I'm someone else in the laugh academy
I just want to be myself

My inner light is getting way too bright again
I can't see and now I'm blindly wandering
I hear the voices telling me there no escape
I'd make the choice if I could just take off the cape

What to do I'm a bit confused
Inside my own institution, I can't find a solution
Feeling rather stark, acting quite the fool
I am the most peculiar molecule
Track Name: Somebody Else
What's left behind I can no longer find
I don't know who I am, I'm barely half a man
Drenched in sorrow now, I need to find out how
I need to find out how to live with all my shame
To not accept the blame

Why be yourself when you can be somebody else

Did you ever know me Did you outgrow me
I simply couldn't change and you couldn't stay the same
I'll own up to being in love with you
I'll give you anything to be your everything

I'm not the man I used to be
You took away the very heart of me
Wishing I could be but it's all make believe
I'll go on living lies, you won't apologize
Etched into my mind the words you left behind
You need to be set free, you said goodbye to me
Track Name: My Neverwill
Life without you would exist but I don't think I can live like this
To wake the mornings to an empty bed with empty thoughts and an empty head
We could try again if you think we could the efforts worth its weight in gold

I've made my bed
But I can't lie in it
I've had my cake and ate it too
Forgive me like you've done a thousand times
This times the last time yeah I swear
I wait for you to rescue me but you're not there
My never will

My foundations built on lies but now it's seen the wrecking crew
The answers never came with grace and all my stories you sw through
Faithfulls a word I've never known but faithlessness has left me all alone

I've made my bed
But I can't lie in it
I've had my cake and ate it too
Forgive me like you've done a thousand times
This times the last time yeah I swear
I wait for you to rescue me but you're not there
My never will

My never will
Track Name: Fire Of Love
Kiss away the cobwebs from my mouth
See the way my heart begs for you know
Fathomless and boundless love
I can't seem to get enough
Hunger craving, wind blowing in my soul

Be my one and only, never leave me lonely
The fire of love has turned me out
The fire of love has burned me out

Praise the hallowed dirty beneath your feet
Starving for that thing like a dog in heat
Comatosed from thinking of, overdosed from your love
Never mind the pain, I want you now
Be the thorn in my side, strip away my pride
Track Name: Life Without A Net
Taught but I can't teach
All so close within your reach now
Feel it slip away
Life is the hardest thing
Try try wondering why
You let it get this way

If I could I surely would, make sure that you understood
Please allow me to explain, the sentiment called love
Will keep you sane

Alone like everyone else
So sad, all by yourself now
Then you wonder why
Break like a porcelain doll
To the edge and then you fall down
Better learn to fly
This is your last wake up call

Godspeed can't be achieved when you crawl
Breaking down in like copping out
So take my hand and walk with me
I'll show you what life is all about
Track Name: Discarded
I’ve eaten bitterness and found
Found I didn’t like the taste, It didn’t quite agree
She chewed me up and spit me out,
nothing left but bones and grief
She robbed me like a thief

Safe to say I’ve been outsmarted
Swept away, I’ve been discarded

I should have seen I was outclassed
She drew me in and kicked my ass
She threw me in the ditch
She found I was an easy mark
Devoured me like a hungry shark
Cold hearted bitch

You can say I’ve been mistreated
Left in shame utterly defeated
Track Name: Love And Pain
I always give up just before, a miracle takes place
I could’ve gave it a little more, but I have lost the faith
How can something that hurts so bad, feel so good
I couldn’t take any more of that, but how I wish I could

Love and pain are both the same
And everyone I know …. Want’s some
Love and Pain

You search your life away in vain, barely out of reach
You think you’re ready for the strain, but you’re far too weak

Well it’s all-consuming now, you’ve become obsessed
Soon you’ll be finding out, you’ll be put to the test
Oh it’s like watching an accident take place
Eventually you find, you we’re seconds from the same
Up the hill we climb, just to fall down on our ass
Great failures all take time, but time is something that we lack